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Badminton Racquets

Finding a badminton racquet to suit your playing style is the key to your best performance.

We carry badminton racquets by Babolat, Black Knight, Victor and Yonex. If you aren't sure about which racquet is right for you, you may sign out a demo and test it out at your convenience!

Racquet Stringing
The perfect compliment to a fabulous racquet is a professional stringing job. We can string your racquet to your specifications on our Yonex ES5pro stringing machine using the string of your choice.

We string  Badminton, Squash, Tennis.
Over 200,000 racquets have been strung by us over our 80 years in the business!

Tennis is $20 labour + price of string
Badminton $15 labour + price of string
Squash $16 labour + price of string

Contact us for wait times and more information.

Shop Online
Black Knight and Yonex badminton racquets are available for purchase online via PayPal. For more information about our online shopping, please see our online shopping FAQs.

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