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Find your perfect bike

At Brown's Sports & Cycle, we are bicycle experts and we are known for our knowledge and selection of bikes. Below is a break-down of the types of bikes we carry, and a brief description of the type of riding best-suited for each respective bicycle.

BMX is an abbreviation for Bicycle Motocross. These bikes have steel frames that are strong and light for catching air and doing tricks. BMX bikes are single speed, with small wheels making them fast on dirt tracks and agile in urban environments. "Freestyling" is a term often used to describe the kind of riding done on BMX bikes.Click here to see our offering of BMX bikes »

Comfort Hybrid
A comfort hybrid bicycle is a general-purpose bike. Used for commuting and recreation on paved and unpaved paths and light trails. It combines features from a road bike and a mountain bike. A comfort hybrid puts you in a more upright riding position and is designed more for a comfortable ride. Click here to see our offering of comfort hybrid bikes »

Designed as a fast, off-road bike, Cyclo-Cross bicycles are sometimes called the rally cars of the bike world. They are used in Cyclo-Cross racing early season training and light touring. This bike has a more robust frame then a road bike and cantilever or disc brakes. It also has different geometry than a road bike.Click here to see our offering of Cyclo-Cross bikes »

Dual-Suspension MTB
Created for off-road cycling, these bikes are most at home in traversing rocks and washouts, steep declines, dirt trails, logging roads and other un-paved environments. Dual-suspension comes in many different forms; your preferred surface will determine what type of suspension you will need. Come in and talk to one of our cycling experts to find the best kind for you. Click here to see our offering of dual-suspension mountain bikes »

A fixed-gear bicycle, sometimes known as a fixed-wheel bicycle or a fixie, is a bike that has no freewheel. This means there is no freewheel, so the rider cannot coast. However, the Opus fixed-gear bikes have a flip flop hubs so you can turn your wheel around, and presto you can coast! The pedals are always in motion when the bicycle is moving, kind of like a spinning bike. Click here to see our offering of fixed-gear bikes »

Hardtail bicycles are often compared to dual-suspension mountain bikes because they are designed to perform on similar surfaces. Hardtails are more suited to cross country riding and single track. Click here to see our offering of hardtail bikes »

We have a wide range of kids bikes in all sizes. If you would like your little ones to join you on the road or on the mountain trail, we have the right bike to get them started. Click here to see our offering of kids bikes »

Performance Hybrid
A hybrid is a general-purpose bike. It is used for commuting and recreation on both paved and un-paved paths, as well as light trails. Hybrids combine features from road and mountain bikes. A performance hybrid bicycle different from a comfort hybrid in that it is designed to be slightly faster and puts the rider in a less upright position. Click here to see our offering of performance hybrid bikes »

Road bikes are designed to be light, fast and efficient. They have drop handlebars and multiple gears, often weighing less than 20 pounds. They are used for fast commuting, long road rides, training and racing. Whether you are recreational or competitive, you will be at your fastest on a road bicycle. Click here to see our offering of road bikes »

Dual Sport
Description for dual sport bicycles.Click here to see our offering of dual sport bikes »

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