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Learn more about our professional skate sharpening services!

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Professional Skate Sharpening & Repairs While-You-Wait

There is no better treat for your skates than a professional sharpening job. We offer skate sharpening for all hockey, figure and comfort skates. Does your blade need fixing? We can do that too!

Skate Sharpening
Skate/Service Type
Price (Plus HST)
Men's/Boy's Ice Skates $6.00
Women's/Girl's Ice Skates $6.00
Blade Contouring/Rockering $20.00
Figure Skate Club Sharpen $20.00
Figure Skate Custom Radius $25.00

Complete TUUK® Replacement/CCM® Pro Lite 3™
Skate/Service Type
Price (Plus HST)
Runners & Holders $95.00 pair
Runners Only $70.00 pair
$25.00 single
Holders Only $70.00 pair
$25.00 single
Copper Rivets $10.00 pair
Steel Rivets $5.00 minimum
Blade Straightening $10.00 pair
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