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Dunlop Force Rush


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New from Dunlop for the 2016-2017 season! The Dunlop Force Rush is designed specifically for doubles players seeking a head heavy pro player frame. Its dense 16x19 string pattern, widened throat area and long handle give the racquet ultimate feel and control.

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The streamlined aerodynamic profile with concave internal cross section at the top of the hoop provides superior aerodynamics and increased main string length. This powerful fusion increases the sweet spot size and moves it closer to the tip of the racket to deliver increased elastic power enhanced by faster racket head speed for unstoppable shot speed.

Ballistic fibres increase racket stiffness for greater power in the hitting zone, whilst improving resilience for higher durability.

Glider Polymer
Reduces Friction - Unique polymer contains micro beads of MOS2 mineral that reduces friction interaction between grommet and string by up to 27% allowing greater string movement for enhanced power.
Increased Durability - Glide polymer also reinforces the polymer matrix increasing durability and grommet life by up to 40%.

Ultra fast skin Engineered surface texture mimicking shark skin which smooth's airflow and reduces drag by up to 35% over non-textured surfaces.

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