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Yonex Sports Face Mask


YONEX has launched a “Sports Face Mask” that uses a YONEX original cooling technology material, “VERYCOOL.” By using embedded Xylitol, a completely natural technology, VERYCOOL material absorbs heat and perspiration, providing a significant cooling effect. No matter what the ambient temperature, VERYCOOL lowers body heat by 3°C for cooler play.

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Additional features include:

• Sweat absorbent and quick-dry Teflon mesh

• Antibacterial treatment to avoid odor
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• Adjustable nose pad to fit all
• Adjustable earpiece for all ages and sizes to contact us.

“VERYCOOL” is a highly functional cooling material that helps athletes maintain their performance by reducing the burden of heat on the body.

This face mask is washable and reusable, therefore, it can be worn even in the harsh temperatures of the upcoming summer season.

Product Name:Sports Face Mask

Item Code:AC480 Color:4(Pink、Black、Light Blue、Ice Grey)
Material: [Outer Fabric] 90% polyester, 10% polyurethane

[Lining] 85% rayon(modal), 10% cotton, 5% recycled fiber (lyocell) [String] nylon, polyurethane
[Stopper] polyvinyl chloride
[Nose wire] polyethylene

※ “VERYCOOL” material was used in the production of this mask.
※This Product only controls the spread of germs. It does not prevent virus infection.

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